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Backyard Designs

On the Go Garden

The On the Go rear yard landscape is a complementary extension of the On The Go front yard design and gives the homeowner a beautiful gathering space to entertain without the hours of maintenance. Anyone taking a seat at the benches around the inviting fire table with friends will feel a sense of seclusion created by the shrubs in the raised planter beds surrounding the area. As one gazes over the flames and across the sea of grasses, silver carpet and carefully framed accent plants, a maze of square planters with vertical horsetail invites them across the yard to take a seat in the filtered shade of the Mexican Ebony tree. This absolutely stunning landscape that is comprised of low-water-use plants and a water efficient drip irrigation system will require minimal maintenance through the year resulting in many more hours of enjoyment.

Sedum nussbaumerianum
Orange Stonecrop

Leymus condensatus
Clumping Wild Rye

Lantana montevidensis
Purple Lantana

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Low and Easy Maintenance

The Low and Easy Maintenance rear yard landscape is a very minimal yet clean and attractive design that enables a feeling of comfort and serenity while relaxing in the shade of the throng of trees. By appropriately spacing the low-water-use plants to their mature size, the plants are allowed to grow naturally without unnecessary pruning and excessive maintenance. Large decomposed granite paths meander through the landscape allowing easy travel through the yard while creating some separation between the different focused activities. The wood pergola and pavestone patio nestled within the landscape creates a perfect gathering space with friends, whether it’s around a dining table or sitting on an outdoor lounge. This is a great landscape for those that enjoy reflecting on life while admiring the different natural forms of the shrubs, trees and groundcovers that make up this landscape.

Rhaphiolepis indica
Indian Hawthorn

Westringia Fruticosa
Coast Rosemary

Acacia aneura
Mulga Tree

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Family Gathering Spot

The Family Gathering Spot rear yard landscape is filled with a variety of activities that will keep any family engaged outside in the beautiful surroundings. Whether it’s sitting around the secluded fire pit making s’mores and telling campfire stories with grandparents or planting and harvesting vegetables together for the nightly dinner before eating on the outside dining table under the pergola, this landscape is all about togetherness. The planting is designed to surround each activity to segment the uses within the yard and create individual activities. The plants used display a kaleidoscope of color when in bloom and some have unique textures creating interest throughout the year. This landscape is perfect for creating lasting memories everyone will cherish for years to come.

Vitis vinifera ‘Flame
Red Flame Seedless Grape

Calylophus berlandieri

Oenothera berlandieri
Mexican Evening Primrose

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Kids, Pets, Fun and Friendly

The Kids, Pets, Fun and Friendly Rear yard landscape is a fun and safe place for children and pets to explore and have fun within the backyard. When a child enters the yard, they will be ecstatically drawn to the dedicated play structure area with swings and slide. There is also the paved circular track where the future race car driver dreams of crossing the finish line first place, or the new explorer finds the lost city of Atlantis in the secluded side yard play area. The kids aren’t the only ones who will love this yard, the pets will have a large lawn area to play on and lots of little nooks and crannies to hide in amongst the shrubs. All of the plants in this design are pet and kid friendly, without thorns or burs, attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and some plants are even edible. Within this yard, the possibilities are truly endless—abounding big dreams become reality and the memories will be forever.

Dalea capitata
Lemon Dalea

Caesalpina pulcherrima
Red Bird of Paradise

Abutilon palmeri
Indian Mallow

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