Front Yards

On the Go Garden

The On the Go landscape is designed for the person who is actively out and about and would rather be enjoying life away from home than spending hours in the garden on weekends. This design utilizes structured plants that do not need to be pruned or regularly maintained on a weekly basis, yet are colorful, attractive and water efficient. The simple plant massing and carefully framed accent plants create a very attractive front yard landscape any homeowner would love to have to welcome them home.

Heuchera Sanguinea
Coral Bells

Leymus condensatus
Clumping Wild Rye

Aloe arborescens
Torch Aloe

On the Go Garden
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Low and Easy Maintenance

The Low and Easy Maintenance landscape is a very simple yet attractive design.  This landscape is designed using low-water use plants in large groupings that are spaced appropriately to allow the plants to grow with minimal maintenance. The softer forms of the evergreen shrubs and groundcovers become the focal point in this landscape, while the intermixing of boulders creates accents to the shrubs and brings structure to this minimalist style.

Salvia Leucantha

Salvia Leucantha
Mexican Bush Sage 

Rhaphiolepis Indica

Rhaphiolepis Indica
Indian Hawthorn

Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’
Bee’s Bliss Sage 

Low and Easy Maintenance Garden
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Family Gathering Spot

The Family Gathering Spot landscape is designed to keep the focus on family togetherness and being outside in the beautiful surroundings. The inviting seating area with a trickling water fountain helps bring calming sound effects and allows families to sit together in an intimate setting while in conversation. Roses behind the seats create an aromatic environment and the shrubs in front create a sense of separation, yet are low enough to allow visibility to the street. This landscape is a great place for families to relax, briefly unplug from the stresses in life and enjoy nature together.

Salvia Greggii

Salvia Greggii
Autumn Sage 

Rose Specvies
Ornamental Roses

Teucrium chamaedrys

Family Gathering Spot
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Kids, Pets, Fun and Friendly

The Kids, Pets, Fun and Friendly landscape is an entertaining and safe place for children and pets to explore and have adventures within the landscape. All of the plants in this design are pet and kid friendly, without thorns or burs, attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and some plants are even edible. The decomposed granite path leads to a turf grass area for play or picnics, and the large decomposed granite pad can be used by parents to set up chairs and relax while observing the kids. Children and pets will spend hours running through this landscape expanding their imagination and finding all the treasures hidden within.

Rosa ‘Cecile Brunner’
Cecile Brunner Climbing Rose 

Dietes bicolor
Fortnight Lily

Muhlenbergia rigens
Deer Grass

Kids, Pets, Fun and Friendly Garden
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Succulent Garden

The Succulent Garden is a unique design with colorful succulents and boulders being the focus.  Succulent plants offer year-round color and unique forms that create interest with soft textured shrubs as the backdrop. The dry ‘riverbed’ creates a break within the landscape that also collects water during rain events. The boulders help frame and display some of the more delicate textures of plants. This landscape is perfect for those who want a uniquely colorful, highly textured, low-water-use and low-maintenance landscape.

Agave attenuata ‘Ray of Light’
Ray of Light Fox Tail Agave

Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’
Black Rose Aeonium

Sedum Reupestre ‘Angelina’
Gold Sedum

Succulent Garden
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English Garden

The English Garden landscape design will have everyone wanting to stroll through the garden at teatime. This design uses a variety of species of plants with different textures, sizes and flowering blooms to create a soft scene – almost like a painting. The path is bordered by flowers and allows the user to walk on a path of discovery.


Echinacea Purpurea

Lagerstroemia Indica
Crape Myrtle

Leucophyllum Laevigatum
Chihuahuan Sage

English Garden
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California Native Garden

The California Native landscape utilizes plants native to California. These plants have colorful seasonal blooms, and once established, will only require supplemental irrigation in times of drought. During the rainy season, the cobble ‘riverbed’ will hold some of the water allowing it to percolate into the soil. This landscape is also attractive to native wildlife that use some of the plants for food, protection and nesting.

Diplacus Puniceus
Red Bush Monkeyflower

Oenthera Californica
California Evening Primrose

Zauschneria Californica ‘Mexicana’
California Fuchsia

California Native Garden
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Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden design is simple and elegant with a peaceful ‘Zen’ character. The mounding covered with low groundcover creates a smooth contrast to the sharp rocks protruding from the field and edges. The white beach pebble streambed cuts through the landscape, only intersected by a wood bridge where the steppingstone path crosses. The sound of splashing water from the stepped fountain sooths the soul as one leisurely strolls through the landscape.

Pinus Thunbergii
Japanese Black Pine

Buxus Microphylla Japonica

Buxus Microphylla Japonica
Japanese Boxwood

Festuca Ovina
Sheep Fescue

Japanese Garden
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Mediterranean Low Maintenance Garden

The Mediterranean Low Maintenance design is a timeless landscape from the hills of Tuscany.  The plant palette uses shrubs with colors of grey-green, purple and pink placed in groupings to create large color swaths that are accented by agave plants and olive trees. The plants are spaced apart to allow for full mature growth which requires less pruning and maintenance.

Lavandula Stoechas ‘Willow Vale’
Spanish Lavender

Alyogyne Hueglii
Blue Hibiscus

Senecio Serpens
Blue Chalksticks

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Modern Desert Garden

The Modern Desert landscape is a design reminiscent of the Palm Springs style. This design uses bold shapes, strong forms and a variety of textures to create a highly structured and modern attractive landscape. The plants used are low-water-use desert adapted shrubs and accents that have long bloom periods allowing for year-round color. The decomposed granite, gravel and cobble used as topdressing also help give the landscape its unique desert feel.

Echinocactus Grusonii
Golden Barrel Cactus

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima
Red Bird of Paradise

Agave Geminiflora
Twin-Flowered Aloe

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