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Rebates & Services

Save money, water and create beautiful landscaping you’ll love! There are multiple ways to participate – choose one or all options to design front and backyards perfect for you.

Why Home Consultation Services?

EMWD Landscape Services

Eastern Municipal Water District provides FREE direct installation of water saving equipment and home consultations. Check out all of EMWD’s services!

Direct Irrigation Equipment

Save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of your plants! FREE direct installation provided by EMWD.

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EMWD Irrigation Controllers

Automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on your changing yard and weather conditions! FREE direct installation provided by EMWD.

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Transform your Yard!

Let us help you participate in the program and show you how to save water and money.

Additional Resources

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has numerous rebates avaible below! To apply to MWD rebates, start by… (qualifying statement)

Outdoor Consultation

Check out 6 different rebates through the Metropolitan Water District!

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View all EMWD residential programs and rebates here and check out Metropolitan Water District rebates here.