MWD Rebates

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) is a regional wholesaler that provides water for 26 member public agencies, including EMWD. MWD offers water-saving rebates for turf replacement and water-efficient equipment on its website See all of MWD’s rebates below! Have questions or need help applying for rebates? Contact EMWD at [email protected] or 951-928-3777 ext. 3322.

Metropolitan Water District Irrigation Controllers

Apply for the $145 rebate offered by Metropolitan Water District below! Customers who apply for this rebate will be able to install the equipment themselves or use their own landscape contractor.

Turf Replacement

Earn up to $3 per square foot of unused grass removed and replaced with new water efficient plants. Unused grass is grass that isn’t used for anything except mowing. Rebate limited to 5,000 square feet.

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Multi-trajectory, rotating streams apply water more slowly and uniformly to your landscape, encouraging healthy plant growth.

Rain Barrels & Cisterns

Collecting and re-using rainwater minimizes the amount of water flowing into your storm drains, sewer systems and local waterways.

Soil Moisture Sensor System

A soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture content in the active root zone on your property.

Hose Bib Irrigation Controllers

Smart Hose Bib Irrigation Controllers provide users with the ability to set watering schedules while accounting for changing weather conditions.

 View all EMWD residential programs and rebates here and check out Metropolitan Water District rebates here.