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Spray to Drip Irrigation Retrofit/Installation

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the Spray to Drip Irrigation Retrofit/Installation offered to Eastern Municipal Water District’s residential customers through the Landscapes for Living program. Please note: final qualification will be determined at site visit.

1. EMWD will not repair/replace existing drip irrigation lines at customers’ homes.

2. EMWD must have access to the designated landscape area at the customer’s home to accommodate the retrofit and installation (i.e. thick brush or plantings must be cut back/removed).

3. If prior turf removal was performed at the residence, the customer must prepare the area for the drip line running through his/her rockscape, hardscape or ditches.

4. Customers participating in the Turf Replacement program offered through Metropolitan Water District of Southern California do not qualify for free drip irrigation installation since they have already, or will be, receiving funding for their turf replacement project. However, if the customer’s planter is not part of the project, it would qualify.